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deb8girl asked:

holy shit that bring me to life cover was really good. I was expecting something terrible because of what you wrote underneath and I was so surprised.

lol thank you so much.  I know I am good a singing, I am just trying to get myself more comfortable with doing it around people :) My boyfriend and I are wanting to have more jam sessions, when we have free time, so that should help.  Thanks again for your kind words!









#his expression and the lighting makes him look like a chicken loving supervillain (via)

would you say it looks like he’s… up to something fowl?

*groans loudly*

Wonder if he’s popular with the chicks.

with a cock like that? of course!


These are all eggselent observations! 

I hate you.

I love this site



I just wanted to take a post to say thank you to everyone who read Wilde Life this week! The reception was more than I expected and I’m still pretty floored!! All of your nice notes, and comments, and emails really mean a lot to me!

So, thanks for making it a really great debut! Chapter 2 starts on Monday. I hope to see you there!


Read this comic!, the fist chapter is up already, and I plan on reviewing it once I get a better feel of the characters, but what is there is absolutely amazing already! And if you need more persuading, this is the same person who created the comic Zap! which for those who don’t know, ended recently. Just go read it and you’ll see what I mean!

I literally am a few pages in and a fell in love with it already! the art style is amazing, and the characters already have such personality. love love love this

…so, I’m trying to sing more. As a kid a loved to do it, but for some reason I got super shy. I originally was going to edit the video and strip out the video part of it because I literally am filming a wall ( I think I look weird when I sing :/) but then I was like “eh, screw it.” Anyway, this is me doing a thing. Not my full voice, I haven’t belted like this in a while… I plan on doing more of these, maybe full songs depending on how I’m feeling. Also this is just the intro to Bring Me to Life by Evanescence

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